Saturday, 19 May 2018

Bird Bath - 19 May 2018

Our new bird bath seems to be a hit. We've had more birds in it in the few weeks it has been out than we used to have with our old bird bath.

Common Grackle
Seems pretty excited about the new bath.

Blue Jay
Was in and out of the bath 3 times. It left a lot of dirt behind.


Brown Thrasher

Chipping Sparrow

Gold Finch

Common Grackle

Harris's Sparrow

House Sparrow

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Week of 3 May - 11 May 2018

Northern Rough Winged Swallows

Barn Swallow

Belted Kingfisher
Was surprised to see the Kingfishers in a different part of the river. I spent an hour on each of 3 days hiding behind a tree trying to get photos of them but they are very wary and have very sharp eyes. I was surprised on the 3rd day to find Rough Winged Swallows in the same location as they too were nesting near the Kingfishers further down the river. The Swallows were perched on one of the Kingfishers preferred perches and was visibly upset. This was enough of a distraction to allow me to get quite a few photos. The Swallows chased the Kingfisher off twice. This too was a surprise as they seemed to get along at their old nesting site.
Tree I was hiding behind. Kingfishers didn't seem to notice me until I made any kind of movement. I had the camera up against my face so that I only had to move it a few inches to get my eye behind the view finder, but that was enough movement to set them off.

Kingfisher - Swallow new nesting site.

Old Nesting Site
River bank had quite a collapse at their old nesting site.

Old Nesting Site - Closeup

Blue Jay

Blue Winged Teals



Canada Geese 

Meadow Lark

Mourning Dove - Grackle 

Northern Water Thrush

Purple Finch Female

Purple Finch male


Tree Swallow Juvenile
Nesting boxes were still piled on the ground around one of the new hydro poles. We missed a day at the pond and the following day were surprised to see the nesting boxes had been mounted on the fence posts and the Tree Swallows had arrived and were using them. 

Tree Swallow Juvenile 

Wigeon - Cackling Geese - Redhead - Bufflehead - Scaup Gadwall 

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Week of 28 April - 3 May 2018

A pretty eventful week of birding and nature. Migration has started here but it is a few weeks late. I think many of the migratory birds have passed us by due to the inclement weather we experienced in early Spring.
We saw a Harrier attack a Mallard in flight, possibly repeatedly. They were so far away that we didn't realize what we saw until we enlarged the photos at home.

Canada Geese
Nesting on top of a small hill.

Got quite a few photos. Got it stop by making kissing noises.

Mallard Harrier Attack
This was a surprise as initially we just thought it was some ducks trying to fend off a rival male. We think they made a circuit around this field a few times but weren't really paying attention. I finally snapped a series of photos but didn't realize what we had seen until we got home. Image quality lacking as they were at least 200 yards away.  

Harrier breaks off the attack. Male Mallard moving forward. Second Harrier moving in from the right.

Male Mallard inserts himself between the Harrier and the Female Mallard. This is how it ended. The Mallards were followed by the Harriers for a bit then they all went their own way. The Female Mallard didn't appear to be injured. 

Northern Harrier
They seem to be staying in the middle of the field and beyond so photo ops are pretty poor.

Northern Harrier
They had just locked claws and I missed it by seconds.

Northern Shoveler - Cackling Geese - Scaup -  Redhead - Blue Winged Teal
30 May 2018
A week prior the pond was still ice covered so we were very surprised to find it ice free and full of ducks and geese.
Unfortunately the winter didn't knock down the reeds around the pond like it normally does. This is about the only area of the pond we can see clearly. We were anticipating a lot of photo ops of different waterfowl this Spring, but, since the 30th there has been very little waterfowl activity at the pond and most of it obscured by the reeds. 

Wigeon - Cackling Geese - Redhead - Bufflehead