Saturday, 19 July 2014

Birds, Cattle and a Rabbit - June 2014

Various Photos From June

Baltimore Oriole

Canada Geese

Eastern Kingbird

Hairy Woodpecker



Warbling Vireo

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Common Grackles and Brown Headed Cowbirds - July 8 2014

Common Grackles and Brown Headed Cowbirds

We had a small group of Brown Headed Cowbirds visit our feeders. The Grackle fledges paid us a visit as well.
The Grackle Fledges make a continuous and highly irritating noise as they demand to be fed. It is good to see them but we are glad when they finally start feeding for themselves.
Sadly we had to cut down our Willow tree as it was rotting. One trunk was rotten almost half way through and another trunk had developed a crack half way through and around the trunk. We were sad to see it go but it would likely have blown down in one of the recent storms we had.
With the Willow gone the birds are very quick to feed then fly off, they no longer have the willow as cover over the feeders, to roost in or to hide in when they have one of their panic flights. I used to be able to walk right to the window to take photos, now they tend to fly off as soon as they see me.