Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bird Photos - May 27 2012

No birding this weekend, busy Saturday, but did see a few birds as we were driving around, one was a Sandpiper we haven't seen before. Today is raining and we just had a heavy wind storm blow through.
All of these pictures are from Fort Whyte Centre in Winnipeg. There was virtually no water fowl present during our visit.
 Least Flycatcher 
 Monarch Butterflies - These two were locked together in flight and were really difficult to photograph as they were flying very erratically.
 Nashville Warbler
 Nashville Warbler 
 Song Sparrow
Song Sparrow

Friday, 25 May 2012

Bird Photos - May 25 2012

Getting a little behind, these pictures are 3 days old, not seeing a lot of new arrivals, maybe one a day.
We found out that Rose cannot use a DSLR anymore as the camera and lens are a little to heavy for her to hold and get stable shots. We got her the 35X zoom Canon SX40 HS, 12.1 mp with a CMOS sensor. Seems like a very nice camera. We'll post some pictures and a few comments in the next few days. So far we really like it.
 Bee at about 7 feet
 Chipping Sparrow
 Gray Catbird
 Philadelphia Vireo
  Philadelphia Vireo
 Rabbit -  Came bounding around the corner, saw me and came to a skidding stop. Sat and watched me until I started walking across the bridge.
Song Sparrow

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bird Photos - May 22 2012

Harder to see the birds now that the trees and brush are in full leaf, we can hear lots of birds but don't see to many, and most sightings are to brief to identify the birds.
Camera lens started to act up when I was trying to get pictures of a number of different birds flying in and out of a dead tree in the river. The lens started to make a very disturbing grinding noise and all the pictures taken while it was doing this were very blurry. Only did it for a few minutes and it has been fine since. Thankfully it has about 4 years left of the 6 year warranty.
 Bobolink near Morden Manitoba
 Grey Catbird - one of two that visit our feeders
 Grey Catbird - second of two that visit our feeders
 American Redstart Female - This was about the time my lens started acting up, male was present but photos didn't turn out
 American Redstart Female
 Deer at about 30 feet 
 Magnolia Warbler -  Immature I think
 Moth on bridge rail
 Rose Breasted Grosbeak
 Song Sparrow
 Eerie Tree - Looked a lot more eerie in the bush
Wilson's Warbler - Was quite blurry but fixed up a bit in PS elements -  This was the best photo I took when my lens was acting up

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bird Photos - May 19 2012

A pretty good day of birding on the 18th, finally got some decent pictures of an American Redstart, saw a Wild Turkey at a distance and identified a few new arrivals but wasn't able to get usable photos of them. Orioles are providing some amusement, watching them fight at the feeder and now they have taken to landing at our window and pecking at the glass. 
 American Redstart
 American Redstart
 American Redstart
 Clay Coloured Sparrow
Wild Turkey at over 100 yards

Friday, 18 May 2012

Bird Photos - Fort Whyte Alive - May 18 2012

Pretty good week so far, but, birds seem to be arriving in fewer numbers than the last few years. They used to come through in fairly large flocks. It is still pretty early in the spring migration though, our mild winter and really early spring might be affecting the migration.
Orioles are at our feeder regularly now, we have at least 4 stopping by. They are so funny, they signal their arrival with their loud raucous call as they sit on the feeder post, then make a chattering sound as they jump from the pole to the feeder.  If two of them show up at the feeder at the same time they make the chattering sound as they strike at each other in between sips of nectar. Last year they were emptying the 12 oz feeder every two days. Most I've counted at the feeder at one time, a few years ago, was 7.
Have seen two sets of Canada Geese gosling's this week, one set at Fort Whyte Center the other at the lagoons near town.
We are going through a kilo of dried corn and 1/2 a block of suet every day now.  The black oil seed and mixed bird seed is lasting 3 or 4 days now since we move them into tube feeders, last year the birds were emptying all feeders in less than a day.
 Blue Wing Teals -  Fort Whyte
 Gosling's - Fort Whyte
 Cedar Waxwing 
 Coopers Hawk - Fort Whyte - We saw a Coopers Hawk 3 times at Fort Whyte on this outing, this was the first sighting, flew past us at about 20 feet, these pictures are at about 40 and 60 feet as we didn't see the hawk until it was right in front of us. I later saw a Coopers Hawk briefly as it glided over a bush in front of me and then again later as it came out of the bush, crossed the trail about 20 feet in front of me and disappeared into the bush on the opposite side of the trail.
 Coopers Hawk - Fort Whyte
 Gold Finch - Fort Whyte
 Hairy Woodpecker - Fort Whyte
 Hooded Merganser - Fort Whyte
 Mallard -Fort Whyte
 Swamp Sparrow - Fort Whyte
 Painted Turtle - Fort Whyte
 Painted Turtle - Fort Whyte
 White Crowned Sparrow bathing - Fort Whyte
Yellow Warbler - Fort Whyte