Friday, 26 April 2013

Spring 2013 - No Photos - 26 April 2013

Spring has been very late arriving in Manitoba.
Have seen a few Mourning Doves this last week, as well as 3 hawks. We spotted the hawks while driving into the city and they were brief distant sightings. They had dark wing tips and light colored undersides. We think they were either Red Tailed Hawks, they are very common here, or possibly Broad Winged Hawks.
Have had several Dark Eyed Junco's at our feeders lately. We still have our regular year round birds coming but no other new arrivals.
Tried to walk the trail this week but it is ice covered with many pools of ice covered water. Wasn't worth risking while carrying a camera.
We have bird fever now and are just itching to get out but weather has not been good here at all. Next week we hope to get to Fort Whyte and start doing some nature walks around our area.
We saw Snow Buntings quite regularly when we went out of town through the winter, but, this last week we may have seen just one.
Quite a few geese around but have no idea what they would be feeding on as most bodies of water are still ice covered.
They are predicting double digit temperatures starting today, but, their forecasts haven't been that great for temperatures this last month.
The snow melted around our bird feeder and I scraped about 3 pounds of cracked corn from the ground, and a surprising amount of whole peanuts, there is probably another 3 pounds of cracked corn frozen to the ground. There usually isn't this much left on the ground over the winter but we had quite a few snowfalls so spilled corn was covered with snow before the birds could eat much of it. We don't usually see peanuts on the ground and they were spread for quite a distance from the peanut feeder.
Next year I think we will switch from a bin type feeder to tube feeders for the winter, as the birds tend to spill less seed with the tube feeders.
Hopefully we will have some pictures to post in the next week.