Monday, 17 February 2014

Coopers Hawk - February 2014

Not much in the way of birding this winter as it has been bitterly cold and most days very windy.
We went out of the 16th to see if we could get some photos of Snowy Owls, Turkeys Grouse or Partridges.
We saw a Snowy Owl as it winged over some trees but were unable to get any photos. Also saw some Partridge a little to late and they flew off. We got no usable photos.
We had hoped to go further south on the 17th but we got a fair bit of snow over night and driving on dirt roads would have been questionable.
While sitting in the living room lamenting our lack of opportunities to get out birding I saw a hawk flash by the window with its wings fully extended. It was a pretty cool sight to behold. It was after the birds at our feeder. I went to the window and there was a Coopers Hawk perched in our tree maybe 15 feet away. I got my camera and got off 4 quick shots before it flew off. It didn't catch a bird, but, its presence might explain the drop off in Sparrows attending our feeders this winter.
Coopers Hawks don't usually winter here and it is quite early for them to be migrating. We suspect this one may have wintered here as we saw a Coopers Hawk perched on a fence a few blocks East of us in late December.
I took the photos through a very dirty tri-pane window. 4 feet of snow has dampened our enthusiasm for cleaning the outside windows. I cleaned the photos up a bit and I have posted the two best of the worst.