Friday, 19 December 2014

5 Deer and a Blurry Squirrel - Fort Whyte Alive

Another great outing at Fort Whyte Alive today.
Temps were just below freezing with a freezing drizzle which was more like a fine mist.
Didn't see to many birds, a few Chickadees, a Crow and one Magpie, none of which stuck around long enough for me to satisfy my photo compulsion.
We did get some decent photos of some Deer which satisfied my compulsion and made a great outing even better.

Lake Shore - Reeds 

Deer by the Richardson Lookout

Same Deer

Another Deer joins the first - If you're looking for the blurry Squirrel it is behind the Deer. I saw it briefly through the lens as it shot across the path and was hoping it was a Martin.

A third Deer emerges for a look. There were actually 5 Deer present but I was only able to get 4 Deer in frame at any one time.

4 Deer

Time for them to go

Still open water on the big lake, but, no Geese or Ducks this time. Fort Whyte Alive treats their own water and I am pretty certain the open water is the discharge point for their treated water. 

Skating trail over one of the lakes

Skating rink on the large lake. Beginning of the skating trail can be seen at top left of the rink.