Thursday, 17 March 2016

Nikon D3300 with the Tamron 150-600 - 17 March 2016

Got my new camera gear today, Nikon D3300 and Tamron 150-600 lens.
I was anxious to try them out so I charged the battery for an hour and went to the pond we frequent.
It was not a perfect photo day, gloomy with a moderate snow falling for most of my time at the pond.
I took about 220 photos and kept 18. There were a lot of almost identical photos and many at a distance did not turn out due to the snow. In some of the photos the snow fall was heavy enough that the camera actually focused on the snow.
I was rather pleased with my new kits performance considering the weather, my limited abilities and this being my first time using this kit.
Photos taken range from about 60 feet to over 200 yards.
I tweaked the exposure on all the photos and added some sharpness.
The D3300 is very small and light.
The Tamron 150-600 is large and weighs in at about 4 lbs.
Some of the photos were shot hand held and others with the lens resting on a door window in our van.
I think hand held shots are very possible with the 150-600, except for birds at a distance. I am really looking forward to better weather so I can get some more experience with it.

Original 1
Peaceful and serene until two other Geese arrive.
60 feet

Crop 1

Original 2

Crop 2

Original 3
Over 200 yards

Crop 3

Original 4

Crop 4

Original 5
Over 200 yards

Crop 5

Original 6
200 yards

Crop 6

Original 7
The interlopers arrive
100 feet

Crop 7

Original 8
They are immediately aggressive
100 feet

Crop 8

Original 9
100 yards

Crop 9

Original 10
Pond Geese respond
100 feet

Crop 10

Original 11
Two more Geese show up to join the battle

Crop 11

Original 12

Crop 12

Original 13

Crop 13

Original 14

Crop 14

Original 15

Crop 15

Original 16

Crop 16

Original 17

Crop 17

Original 18

Crop 18
The end of the dispute resulted in all 6 Geese milling around honking. None seemed to be injured.