Friday, 16 September 2016

Fort Whyte Outing - 15 Sept 2016

Incredible day.
Fort Whyte outing was short but well worth it.
Got an incredible deal on some premium tires, witnessed a Merlin catch a bird in mid flight then on the way home was the last person to get gas before they jacked up the price by .10 cents a liter (about .40 cents a gallon). Felt so blessed and lucky that I splurged on a lottery ticket.
Quite a few Geese at Fort Whyte, but, still a lot more to come. Estimate there were at least 1,000 in and around Fort Whyte. Quite a few immature Ducks present and saw lots of small birds but didn't see them long enough to identify most of them or get photos.
Cackling Geese

Cackling Geese

Canada Geese on the move. Exited one pond then waddled down the trail to another.

Half way there.

Getting Close

Trip complete.

A few of the many that were present in the area.

Start of Fall colors

Mallard Male Immature

Mallard Female

Mallards - Canada Geese

As I approached this pond I thought the little stump is higher in the water than usual. As I got closer I saw it was something furry and figured it was a Muskrat. This is the only angle I could get due to heavy brush around this pond. I started to make kissing noises and the Muskrat slowly turned  to have a look at me.

Northern Flicker

As I rounded a corner into this garden I saw this Ruby Throated Humming Bird feeding. Photo was quick and on the wrong setting so it not great, but, it is the first time I've seen a Humming Bird feed from a flower. 

Wood Duck Immature

Wood Duck

Mallard - Coot - Wood Ducks

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

Yellow Rumped Warbler Fall colors