Saturday, 5 August 2017

Assorted Photos - 5 August 2017

American Redstart

Bald Eagle

Baltimore Oriole Female 

Bank Swallow

Barn Swallow

Black Capped Chickadee 

Blue Jay

Blue Winged Teal - Redhead - Coot


Canada Toad

Fence Post

House Sparrow with Isabellinism

                   The Difference Between Albinism, Leucism & Isabellinism

The different types of albinism have to do with the body’s inability to produce melanin, leading to white, gray, or cream-colored hair and skin. Leucism occurs when color pigments are produced in a lower amount than normal, and normal skin, fur, or feather patterns and textures remain. Isabellinism happens when normally dark-pigmented areas develop as a sort of washed-out grayish-yellow, and it’s supposedly named for an archduchess who refused to remove her underwear for three years.



Yellow Headed Blackbird 

Yellow Rumped Warbler 

Yellow Warbler