Sunday, 25 March 2018

Conservatory and Assorted Photos - March 2018

Our farewell visit to the Conservatory at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg. Built in the 1960's it is due for demolition and replacement starting in April 2018. 
The Conservatory holds many fond memories of the times I spent here with my Grandfather. It was a bit of an emotional visit knowing it would be the last visit.
The new Conservatory will be larger with expansive outdoor gardens.
Unfortunately the humidity and temperature were very high during this visit. Most photos didn't turn out as the lens would fog up almost immediately after wiping it. All photos were rushed to try to beat the condensation forming on the lens. After 1/2 an hour I gave up as the camera starting acting up, likely due to moisture penetration.

 One of the desert displays - both roughly 6 feet x 20 feet.

 Second desert display

Koi Pond

Hobbit House - Took many photos of this but all were obscured by condensation. This was the best of them.

An unusual tree which was impossible to get entirely into frame. It was around 30 feet tall. Bark had a very interesting color which is not evident in the photo.

 This is in a corner of the building. It is a temporary fixture. There used to be a huge mound of earth with numerous plants. At the top of earth mound was an small Orange Tree. My Grandfather and I always stopped here for a time to view the tree and often a single Orange growing on the tree. This pond is home to a few Turtles who seem to have found a very good hiding place.

Geese arrived at the pond sometime during the 3rd week of March. No idea what they might be eating as the ponds are still frozen over and fields are still mostly covered with snow. 

Goose walking across the pond. It will be sometime before the snow and ice melts.

Two heavy wet snowfalls over two days left everything coated in snow.

I'm guessing this is a very old Harvester.

Snow was almost gone a few weeks ago then over two days we ended up with 1 - 2 feet of snow.

Lilac Bush weighed down with snow to about half its original height.

Sun Rise

 Sun Rise

Sun Rise

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