Friday, 25 May 2012

Bird Photos - May 25 2012

Getting a little behind, these pictures are 3 days old, not seeing a lot of new arrivals, maybe one a day.
We found out that Rose cannot use a DSLR anymore as the camera and lens are a little to heavy for her to hold and get stable shots. We got her the 35X zoom Canon SX40 HS, 12.1 mp with a CMOS sensor. Seems like a very nice camera. We'll post some pictures and a few comments in the next few days. So far we really like it.
 Bee at about 7 feet
 Chipping Sparrow
 Gray Catbird
 Philadelphia Vireo
  Philadelphia Vireo
 Rabbit -  Came bounding around the corner, saw me and came to a skidding stop. Sat and watched me until I started walking across the bridge.
Song Sparrow

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