Friday, 11 November 2016

Fort Whyte - 1 Nov 2016 - Eagles, Birds, Scenary

Bald Eagle
First of the day. 

Same Eagle
Closer and cropped

We wandered off after pestering the Eagle for photos for several minutes. We then came across this Eagle by another lake and assumed it was the same Eagle kindly providing us with a better photo op. We got much closer, probably about 30 feet (10 Meters).

It posed for a few photos at 30 feet but not for long. The flight photos did not turn out well. The Eagle banked briefly giving a very impressive view of its wing span but I missed getting a photo.

When we returned to the area where we first saw the Eagle we were a little surprised to see 2 Eagles now perched in the tree.

Cackling Geese


Cackling Geese I surprised behind a hedge as I was trying to get closer to some Hooded Mergansers It was quite a surprise for me too as about 10 of them all took off at once for the lake. The thunder of wings was pretty impressive.





More Geese

Hooded Mergansers

Hooded Mergansers



Just after I took this photo another Muskrat jumped out of the reeds and attacked this one. I had lowered the camera and was about to check this photo when the action occurred. Action was done by the time I got the camera back to eye level.

We were surprised to see 2 Pelicans this late in the season.


Squirrel Tarzan Lord of the seed feeder