Saturday, 9 June 2018

12-18 May 2018

Blue Jay 

Blue Winged Teal - Canada Goose 

Blue Winged Teal - Northern Shoveler 

Brown Headed Cowbird Female 

Cackling Goose

Greater Yellow Legs 

House Sparrow 

Northern Harrier - Canada Goose
Landed about 40 feet from two Canada Goose nests.

Northern Harrier - Canada Goose
The male Goose from each nest moved ever so slowly toward the Harrier, took them about 5 minutes to cover 20 feet. The Harrier either became uncomfortable with the Geese getting closer or finished with what ever it was doing on the ground and took off.

Pine Siskin 016

Red Winged Blackbird 


Savannah Sparrow 

Scaup - Blue Winged Teal - Northern Shoveler - Wood Duck 174

Spotted Sandpiper - Blue Winged Teal  

Swainson's Thrush

Swamp Sparrow 

White Throated Sparrow

Wood Duck - Kildeer