Saturday, 2 June 2018

5-11 May 2018

Blue Winged Teals 

Cackling Goose 

Cackling Goose - Fort Whyte
This year there were 4 Goose nests besides paths. So close I could have reached out and touched them. The Geese seem to know they are safe from humans at Fort Whyte.

Cackling Goose 

Eared Grebe - Northern Shoveler

Greater White Fronted Geese - Tundra Swans 
Greater Yellowlegs - Blue Winged Teals
Meadow Lark 

Palm Warbler 

Red Winged Blackbirds 
Ring Billed Gull 

Snow Geese - Blue Morph and possibly white morph

Swamp Sparrow

Tundra Swans 

White Throated Sparrow

Wood Duck 
Wood Duck - Blue Winged Teals