Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bee's, Chipmunk and Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Nest - 23 June 2015

Got a series of photos of the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker family at their tree hollow. Not certain what happened to the Nuthatches that seemed to be setting up a nest in the same hollow a month before.
I observed the family interact for over an hour. I noted that just about every time one of the parents had finished feeding the nestling the nestling would push the parent bird away with a pretty good jab from its beak.
Here is a link to a 34 second video of the action. You can see the nestling jab one of the parents after being fed.
I posted the link to this video in an earlier post so some of you may have already seen it.

Click on the photos to make them larger

Ever present Bee's

This Chipmunk was pretty interested in me until a second Chipmunk dove on it and they both scurried away.
Mama with a snack
Mama giving me a close look as she flew past me at a few feet distance.

Papa checking me out before giving nestling its snack
Nestling emerges, checking out the outside world and waiting for another snack.

Another yummy bug snack being served

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